The HVAC device is no good

Working in an office cubicle every single day if your work week can be the worst drag ever, especially while we were in really nice weather pattern for the month. I know that I would much rather be going for a walk or just enjoying the fresh air with lunch on a picnic bench.  One of the main reasons I would don’t care for work positions in an office every day is because I can’t sit at a desk for that long without being too nutty and needing to move. I am the type of person that always needs to be in motion and having to do something than be still.  So, being stationary in any form let alone for 8 hours is really no piece of cake for me. For others, they don’t care for having to working in the office environment because of the weather conditions for they love the community feel, or lack thereof. Usually, the thermostat is set to a particular temperature that no one has say for and it just stays at the temperature every day, no compromises.  It makes it hard because not everyone has those same temperature preferences. One day in particular though, the air conditioner had just completely stopped finally working all together with it being as old as it was now! Naturally, every single employee was irritated because the building was almost unbearably hot to get any work done. Luckily, we found one of the newer employees had a buddy in the Heating and Air Conditioning business.  He gave him a call on the cell phone right away so then we got bumped to the top of the maintenance list! The Heating and Air Conditioning worker was there within the hour plus all of us were extremely relieved to get our air back and running. By the end of that day the air conditioner was beautifully running in full force. It was a rough day for me. I’m so ecstatic it was able to be fixed so suddenly plus we will be back to enjoying our air conditioner in no time flat.

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