HVAC date lost on me

I really messed up the other week. I am signed up for seasonal Heating and A/C service… Every new season my Heating and A/C supplier comes in my property and gives my Heating and A/C equipment a cleaning. Depending on the season, he checks the gas furnace or A/C equipment for repairs, but he also changes the air filter, cleans the motor and gets everything oiled up. If you want your Heating and A/C equipment to last longer, getting seasonal Heating and A/C service is the right way to go. The concern is that I have a hard time remembering when my Heating and A/C appointment actually is per season. The Heating and A/C business typically calls me a week prior and leaves a message with the date and time. This most recent time I did not get the message, so on a Monday morning I was in my robe with a cup of coffee checking out cute critter videos. I then got a knock on my door from the Heating and A/C dealer. I had to let him in and watch over him while I was in my robe. It was super embarrassing… Also I had a ton of stuff everywhere that was definitely in his way. I did not lay down tarps for his shoes either, so dirt went just about everywhere. I felt like a total idiot and I just wanted him out of my property. I am thinking I did not get the best Heating and A/C tune up either. I need to arrange with the Heating and A/C business to text my cell with the date instead of my home telephone. I will never remember if they do that. Then I end up being entirely surprised and that is terrible for pretty much everyone.

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