Hurricane Problems

This past weekend, a hurricane came through our area. While the hurricane was not as bad as it could have been, there was definitely a great deal of damage. Flooding and downed trees were the most common problem. I was technically in an evacuation zone during the hurricane, but rather than actually going to a different city, I decided to stay with my fiance’s grandparents. They live in a large, two-story house and always prepare well for big storms. I was also excited to find out that they had a very powerful generator. While the generator would not be enough to keep the air conditioning going if the power went out, it would at least be sufficient to run the refrigerator, microwave, a few ceiling fans, and some box fans. Sure enough, the electricity did go out. My fiance’s grandparents had prepared the day before by keeping the thermostat turned down really low. Since we were not going in and out of the house very much, due to the inclement weather, the house actually stayed cool for a while, even with the lack of air conditioning. Later that night and the next day, though, the absence of air conditioning was more clearly felt. When I went home after the storm had passed, I was anxious to see how my little apartment had fared. To my relief, then chagrin, there was no damage at all, and my power had not even turned off! I enjoyed my first air conditioning in two days and wondered why I had evacuated in the first place!

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