The humidity is something we should work on

My sibling Brandon enjoys traveling the United States with just a backpack and his favorite guitar. He is a complete hippie and he never has any possessions on him. Brandon does have quite an expansive guitar collection, when he travels he only brings one guitar, but since he has no permanent address I got stuck housing all of his guitars. Since there are multiple of them that I had to put them in their own separate room. I got stands, built some wall mounts, and I polish them regularly. I have to admit I kind of adore them. I researched ways to display them more efficiently and I found some sad news; apparently the air quality in a room can damage musical instruments. The tuning could get off and the wood could warp. If you have too much humidity in the air the wood smells and it destroys the shape of the guitar. If the air quality is too arid, the wood will crack and splinter. Since I was studying these articles, I went out and got both a dehumidifier and humidifier for Brandon’s guitar room. The last thing I want is Brandon coming back to see his ruined guitars. I use the dehumidifier when it’s summer with my A/C unit to absorb the moisture. In the wintertime I use both the gas furnace and humidifier to protect the instruments from splintering. It was pretty costly investing in two air quality products, but it’s so worth it. I feel relieved knowing that my sibling’s instruments are safe and are unable be ruined due to the air quality at my home.

indoor air quality