The house a/c issues

I’ve been a Southerner for most of my life, so you’d suppose I would not mind the heat by now when Summertime rolls around! Nope! After over 25 years, I still have trouble dealing with the heatwaves, leading me to suppose I’m a New Englander at heart. After I obtained our beach house a few years ago, I had a heating and A/C serviceman survey plus assess the beach house to see if there were any other ways that I could keep the house cool during the Summer! Most of his suggestions called for upgrades or new equipment, which I just couldn’t do at this time. After hearing his suggestions, I figured I’d do some research on parts I could buy plus install myself that wouldn’t break my budget. Several online forums kept showing two consistent tips.  First, I needed vertical blinds or lightly-colored drapes on the east plus. west windows of our house. Since these sides of the beach house get the most exposure from direct sunlight, the light-colored hangings would reflect the sunlight  rather than letting it into our house. Secondly, painting the beach house a lighter color would make a large difference for the same reason as the blinds – reflection of heat away from the house. It made a lot of sense, since I had pitch-black drapes in the front  windows plus the beach house itself was painted a truly dark gray. I have fun and enjoy painting, so I was gleeful to have an occasion to paint the entire beach house a light sky blue. After doing that plus replacing the blinds, I noticed that our beach house was able to cool down pretty quickly most afternoons!  This just goes to show you that you don’t always need a pricey new heating and A/C plan to keep your beach house cool!

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