Hoping for new work opportunity

I have been very lucky to get some time away from a 9-5 office job in the past year. It’s been somewhat relaxing to work for myself but also can get incredibly stressful when financial obligations arise without notice. As such, I’m now considering ditching my work-from-home contracted job in exchange for another traditional office job. This switch is made quite begrudgingly, but I know that it will lower my daily anxiety to feel like we have excessive funds on hand should another emergency arise. See, everything was going fine until last month when our home HVAC unit suddenly stopped functioning properly and we had no choice but to hire an emergency heating and cooling contractor to come rescue us from freezing to death. The furnace had been working just fine for several weeks already this winter, but one day it simply wasn’t operational, no matter how much we fiddled with the thermostat and power supply. It was getting increasingly cold inside the house, and even our dog was starting to shiver and hide. It became clear that we needed to seek professional help for our air quality problem, so I finally called up a nearby HVAC dealership. When everything was said and done, we owed them a whopping 1200 dollars. Now this debt is sitting on a credit card, and I’m working my butt off to pay off the HVAC disaster. I guess I’ll be going back to full time work, saving up funds just in case our old HVAC system decided it’s going to quit on us again.

HVAC industry