Hoping for a cold winter

I know that it is common to wish for a White Christmas, but I am content just wishing for a Cold Christmas, or even a Cold Winter! I am past the point of wishing for snow; I just want a chance to wear my boots, scarves, tights, and coats! I love cold weather so much, and I never get to enjoy it! Last Christmas, I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt with a light scarf, and the scarf ended up getting to hot to wear, so I had to take it off! The temperature outside was in the eighties, and we used our air conditioning all day! My husband had gotten me an electric fireplace as a Christmas gift, and its main selling point to him was that we can turn on the fireplace display without actually turning on any heating! If the electric fireplace worked as a small air conditioner, that would have been even more appropriate. I just really hope that this year, by some sort of miracle, we will get a cold Christmas. I remember being able to wear winter clothes and use our furnace when I was younger, but the past several years have been mild as can be. If it hits January, and I have not been able to use our heater or electric fireplace yet, I am going to check all the flights for northern states and see if I can find a cheaper flight to see snow and actually sit by a fireplace! Perhaps, though, with just enough wishing and praying, I will get the cold winter of my dreams!

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