These home comfort tips help

As a personal trainer, I am required to be at the gym at all hours of the day. I work with other people’s schedules and make sure they stay on track with healthy lifestyles. The gym is my favorite place to be and I am lucky to have a job that I love. In my spare time, I get to work out and use the equipment while getting paid! It becomes difficult in the wintertime, however, because a big part of me likes to cozy up and relax throughout the work day. In between appointments, I find myself dozing off. The gym does a good job in the summertime keeping the place nice and cool. Each year, they turn up the air conditioners for the entire season, and nobody ever complains. It is a perfect environment to teach and to work out in because it feels so cool. In the winter, it’s a bit more difficult to maintain the facility’s heating. Since the area I work in is located in the basement, I do not get as much heat as the upper levels. With cement walls and little insulation, the heat does not stay within my area for very long. I tend to get the chills at work and often bring in a space heater to plug in under my desk. When the days are really cold, I hide upstairs near my favorite heated area and look out the window onto the main street. I know the HVAC system is fairly old in the gym, but I would of thought with all the new technology the owners would be able to update the heating system to make the basement warmer.air-duct