Heating in the outdoor warehouse

I work in an old building that I swear was built a century ago.  There is no central heating system, nor is there any kind of cooling plan either. In the summer it is like an oven in there. The workers all bring in fans, which supply us with a little bit of relief.  However, in the winter, it’s a whole other story. Instead of having a central HVAC system installed into the building, the company decided to just buy a dozen or so electric space heaters and have them hung from the ceiling.  Yes, the space heaters do provide some warmth, however they also create hot and cold spots, depending on where you are working. In one place you may be warm, but in another you may be cold. How could the company think that these space heaters were the more economical way to heat the building? They know that the workers stand on concrete floors, the building is metal, and it’s uninsulated. So they’ve got to know that space heaters are not the solution when the winter is at its coldest. We all figure that because the decision makers work in the area of the building that has central heating and air conditioning, it doesn’t affect them. We also know that our bosses are only looking at the dollars and cents aspect of their decision regarding HVAC plans. I know for a fact, after working in the conditions that I have been in, that if I were manager, I would have a central HVAC system installed. That way, no location would be heated solely by electric space heaters.

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