Heating with minimum space

I was perusing the online world and I saw this great product. They are making a fan that isn’t a real fan, because there are simply no blades. I couldn’t believe that air could blow the way it did and there was only a big hole that appeared to be the eye of a needle. The ad said that it was the future and the answer to our cooling needs as it is safe. It had automatic shut off if it fell over. I began to do some investigating, and surprisingly, this same company not only made an air conditioner utilizing this type of technology, but it made a room heater. When I talked to a friend of mine about it, she said she had one in her family room, and the heater worked quite well as it kept the upstairs comfy. She said it worked like radiant heating in the respect that it heated the air rather than the heater, so the heater was always cool to the touch. The air conditioner worked like some sort of cotton candy machine, by swirling the cooling air out from the center of the unit and dispersing it within the air. I sat there considering my fireplace and the good job it did, but how often I needed to shoo the kids away from it. I remembered the struggling on an annual basis, to get the air conditioners into place in my windows. I also thought about the fact that we were getting older. We need our furnace, but it would be so nice to have a heating machine that was less expensive to operate yet was more efficient in its heating abilities. I’ll have to do a little more research and maybe we’ll try these units next year.

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