Heating and cooling for a picture

My husband and I recently took on a big construction project. We own has 20 acres of land, and we’ve decided to build a 4000 square foot barn on it. The barn will be used to host events, such as weddings and conferences.  People will be able to rent it out. We think it’s a smart business venture because it requires minimal upkeep, and should produce a regular income for us into our retirement years. To heat and cool the space, we have invested in a powerful HVAC system.  There is ductwork that includes  the main area, the bathrooms and kitchen.  The heated and cooled air  will circulate throughout the building.   The heating and cooling system added up to a significant upfront cost.  We chose a very energy efficient system, hoping to get our money back fairly quickly. We are happy that we have several weddings booked for when the barn is officially opened and ready, so it is already turning a profit. My husband and I will continue to work at the event center. There will be plenty of things to do for every event. Setting up tables and chairs, decorating and cleanup are all things that we will offer customers. I am anxious to get started.  I’m happy that we will always be actually working in a temperature-controlled space. The barn is in a great location to host an event, and we are ready to handle any weather. This whole endeavor has given me a better understanding of the importance of heating and cooling.

HVAC technician