Heater use for our cats

Last week, I got a very frantic telephone call from an acquaintance I know through my job who runs an animal rescue in my town. She was calling me that day about a premature kitten that had been brought into the shelter from around her area of the city late that night. It was guaranteed to die there if no one took it under its immediate protection. It is not often that kittens that small and barely developed are likely to survive very long when they are born that early. Though, she had taken it in the reality of finding a foster family who could devote the necessary time and care to help it live. After all, this is the oath that she took at the start of the job to do. I often help out with litters of kittens when I can do so. So, that is why she turned to me for immediate help that late night. I had never taken care of a kitten so small before that night. Though, Kayla had promised to do everything she could to help me help the kitten pull them through until we found a permanent home. She was true to her word finding information online on how to care for her which was tough for me at the time with no internet. And, due to the rarity of kittens being born this early and surviving, it was hard. I figured it would need frequent smaller meals, so I could never sleep more than a couple of hours at a time in the first few nights. But one of the most substantial things in its care was correct temperature control for her little body. Honestly, it needed to be adjusted in my home all night long. The little kitten was so small it had yet to grow any real hair, but heating was critical in ensuring its energy could be devoted to growing fur and getting larger, rather than struggling to stay warm. In order to keep its temperature control constant and at the necessary temperature it needed at the time, I utilized both a area gas furnace and heating pad I had from when I hurt my back. The heating pad allowed it to lie directly on the heat source, absorbing the warmth, while the area gas furnace kept the other parts of the den sizzling enough for the kitten. Personally, the heat became quite uncomfortable for me that night. Though, I was committed to do whatever it took to keep this kitten alive, and by some miracle, a month later the kitten is still alive, and is doing better than I could have ever imagined for the little guy.

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