When your heater does not work

You’ve just turned on the cable new and heard that tonight is going to be one of the coldest nights of the year. So you go to check your climate control component to find that it’s not working right. Your beach home is steadily getting chillier plus it’s getting a little late to call out a Heating + Air Conditioning corporation tech… What can you do?


Here are a few simple steps you can take to see if you can’t get that oil furnace working again, before you have to call out a heating + cooling professional.


Checking Circuit Breaker – Make sure none of the breakers have been switched, also that your other appliances are working.


Checking the Air Filter –  Dust, dirt, plus debris can badly clog the air filter on your furnace making it virtually impossible for the air to come through the vents, and occasionally, just scrubbing out the air filter on your oil furnace just might get the air flowing again.


Checking Thermostat – Newer models of smart thermostats have batteries that need replacing. Check to see if the batteries are operational in the control unit, also, be sure to switch that central control component to the “heat” option, not the “cool” option.


Inspecting the Furnace – Finally, you can personally inspect your electric or gas/oil furnace to see if the blowing motor is functioning and if the pilot light is burning (some older models of gas furnace still have pilot lights). If you have a gas oil furnace that runs on propane, check to be sure that your propane fuel tank is full.


If you’ve run through the entire checklist but are still having complications, it’s time to call in the experts; Don’t get left out in the cold. Call a reputable Heating + Air Conditioning contractor to get your furnace heating at peak performance for those frigid afternoons to come.

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