Heater in the restaurant

My wife and I went out for dinner with her parents the Tues. night.  Going out with them has its benefits – they have the banter down, and they always have the entire table cracking up as they toss playful jabs at each other! On this particular night, all of us went to a lively mexican place since all of us thought tacos sounded like a hearty dish, upon arrival, we immediately noticed that the place was hotter than usual! Initially we figured it was to compensate for the freezing weather outside, so we really thought nothing of it, initially. We went on to be seated at our table and place our drink orders, however, all of us were removing our overcoats, hats and overshirts fairly suddenly. By the time our food came out, I was down to the mere t-shirt I had put on under my dress shirt and sport coat! It was ridiculous, then finally, my wife asked one of the waiters about the heat being so high in the place. Unfortunately, the control unit had busted earlier that day and it was forcing them to leave the heat locked at eighty-seven degrees! Just hearing that temperature was enough to make all of us wolf down the rest of our meal, pay for the bill and head to the car. We all enjoyed the food, however, I was happy to get back to our car and cool down! Oddly enough, I literally enjoyed my teeth chattering being back outside.

heater service program