Heated the heating and cooling system

It has finally happened!  For many years, our city has been petitioning our regional favorite Dunkin Donuts Latte chain to move to our small city and share its wonderful coffee.  You can’t assume all the options and comforts this Dunkin Donuts Latte shop is known for. It caters to any type of Latte lover. There are cappuccinos with foam art, macchiatos, lattes in a rainbow of flavors, and pastries galore… This Dunkin Donuts Latte shop even pairs with local established bakeries to offer the regional favorites and encourages local company partnership and local spending.   Just last month, the cafe finally opened and I was waiting in the line that wrapped around the corner for the doors to open. My boyfriend and I stepped in the building to the smell of roasting Dunkin Donuts Latte and sweet pastries. There was only one problem with the cafe: The temperature inside that little cafe was freezing! Granted, summer season time was nearly here and they want to make customers comfortable, but this was so freezing I had goosebumps along both of my arms.  We asked the baristas and they agreed with the review of the interior temperature and said the temperature control was acting strangely when they came in earlier to open the store. A certified Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman was on the way and thankfully the Heating and Air Conditioning service center was just 3 blocks down the road. We were enjoying our coffees with our jackets on, huddled next to each other when the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman came in to applause!  My boyfriend roughed it out and enjoyed our beverages and a wonderful pastry while the Heating and Air Conditioning professional got to the problem. Soon, we noticed it wasn’t so freezing and the temperature within the cafe had risen to a comfortable temperature! Through the baristas we found out that the thermostat got stuck on a honestly freezing setting the evening before and he had to loosen up the cooling mechanics so it would run properly. He left the small cafe to cheers and a certificate for free Dunkin Donuts Latte for a month from the store director.  We all appreciated the hot air filtering through the heating vents and knew come summer season, the cafe would be cool and crisp on those hot, muggy mornings. It was up to the work of cooling the entire cafe honestly well, we just didn’t need to know the entire range of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling potential on that exact day!

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