Happy for the air conditioner

I work super hard at the task. A lot of lengthy hours & hardcore deadlines can leave myself and others feeling tired after a while so I adore to take a few stops a year just to get some much needed rest in. I am also well thanked for the work I do so I can pretty much go anywhere I want when I do take a vacation. Last year I decided to take a few days off of downtime & head to a new country. I wished for a new experience & I had never been to the continent before so I figured why not. I decided on a real cool state & the first thing I found when I got off the plane is that Summer is easily tepid & easily humid. By the time I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel I was soaking in sweat & feeling upset. I figured it would get greater once I got into a nice air conditioned room, but lo & behold the a/c in our room could only manage to blow out warmer air! I went down to the head desk to complain however the English barrier kept things from coming to a quick fix. Finally after about twenty minutes of arguing I was given the new keys to a better room. I went up there & sure enough the a/c was damaged in that room too. I did manage to get a hold of a small little fan & I set it next to the bed on the biggest setting.

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