This is a great temperature control unit

It truly is springtime in the south and that means countless hours of yardwork. My mom has a lovely yard and lavish gardens filled with an array of flowers. Every time people come to visit her, they rave about how well groomed and beautiful her yard is. What they don’t see, is how many hours this lady puts into caring for it regularly. Unless it is storming, you will find my mom out in the yard when the sun comes up until in well past lunch. My sister and I always tell her it’s not necessary to work daily but she insists that her garden will become overgrown if she even takes a day off. The biggest problem in this situation is that mom is pushing her late 70’s. Even during the early spring months, temperatures turn extremely high and the humidity is so bad. I usually encourage her to head inside on regular intervals  to take a break from the harsh heat. Thankfully, she has an amazing HVAC system that is her escape from the insane heat of the afternoons. She tends to be stubborn about taking breaks but honestly, I know that if I call her after lunchtime, she is usually already inside. She works like crazy most every day, comes in, showers, and then spends the remainder of the afternoon reading or knitting in the cooled air of the house. There have been times when she over did it or stays out much longer than needed. If my sister and I both try to call and there isn’t an answer, we head over to be sure she’s doing well. Thankfully, she is typically fine, sitting cool and comfortable and insisting that we hover too much.

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