Great air conditioning tech

My aunt was a woman ahead of her time.  And I mean that in terms of social change as well as technological advancement.  She always seemed to be bored with how things were, so she pushed for change in government and society.  My aunt was always an avid tech junkie, who tried her hand at every current high tech device as soon as it came out. She had a laptop computer long before anyone in her area, for example. She had a Walkman before most people even knew they existed. She was always ahead of the curve, and she still tries to be even at 85 years old. She just had the nicest Heating, Ventilation, and A/C replaces I have ever seen installed in her house, just because she thought they were cool. This was not just an ordinary heating and cooling system, of course, because that would be beneath her. So she started with the radiant heated flooring in her house, in every room except the mud room. This gentle heating in the floor was wonderful for her arthritis, and was also a much less harsh way to heat the home then with the forced air gas furnace. She had a state of the art smart temperature control installed, with audio and temperature sensors in each room of the house. As opposed to the normal smart temperature control, this device was completely self controlling and  also connected with Alexa so that my aunt could control it with voice commands. The smart temperature control even has what is called an “emergency feature” which will locale an automatic call to 911 if my aunt gives the right voice command.

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