Great ac in our truck

When I was much younger, I watched all of my friends from high school buy very nice sedans, SUV’s, and all kinds of fancy cars to shuttle their own families around. One day, I had the greatest idea of all time. I could drive a car that I would also be able to live in! I’d always recently been struck with wanderlust, and I wasn’t one for keeping lots of belongings. An RV made a strong impression on me, so I did some research and was able to find an old winnebago for cheap. For the first season of owning that RV, I was really enjoying life to the fullest. When I wasn’t working at various jobs, I was driving up towards the North or out towards the West and staying in an array of places. I was completely soaking in the native life with each trip. It was the best times of my life, but there came a time frame when I ran into some trouble. The cooling unit for the RV just died on me. I lived paycheck to paycheck, so there was no way I could afford a new air conditioner, meaning I had to experience the horrendous heat in that mobile home for weeks as I saved up as much as possible. After I saved what I thought to be enough money, I started doing some research on window units to fit in my RV. I was at a loss for words. They were way cheaper than I assumed! I’d saved so much additional cash that when I went to purchase and install the window AC unit, I also had some engine work done to guarantee my home could remain as reliable as it was thus far. Now my home on wheels is back to being a mobile ice box, and I am finally able to sleep comfortably during the night again! I know the traveler’s lifestyle isn’t for all people, but if you’ve got a huge love for travelling, you should look into driving an RV.