My grandmother’s good ol’ home

My grandmother is the absolute best. She truly is like a second mother to me, as she has always been there for my family since the day I was born. She always tells me stories about how I would come over to visit her on the weekends when my parents dropped me off. Apparently, I would beg her to make her tasty chocolate cookies and parade around the kitchen with cookie crumbs and chocolate smeared all over my face. I could just imagine myself now. Her home is really big, but really old. If you ever visit, you will definitely see that her home has seen better days. All of the appliances are outdated and I personally think there’s a lot of repairwork that could be done. Her HVAC unit is also very old and barely works. Her HVAC air vents have rust that show clear signs of excessive use. My grandmother is not like other older folks, as she loves running her HVAC unit. When it was cold out, she would crank it up and  start baking my favorite treats. Now, however, her HVAC unit doesn’t warm her home the same. When I visit, it sometimes can be really unbearable when her HVAC unit fails to cool her place down during the summertime. I’m not certain how she lives in these kinds of conditions, but I’m worried about her. That’s exactly why I will be purchasing her a new HVAC unit for Christmas. At least then, she will be able to have a warm holiday while baking Santa’s cookies.

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