Graduation ceremony

I remember when my cousin Robbie was inducted into the United States Navy. He had been away from home about 4 months, when I received word that he had completed his boot camp. We all arrive at the graduation.  It is a modern, southern city in the summer. So naturally, we are all trying to stay cool while appreciating so many men and women marching in front of us.  We were there for literally hours watching this very old and respectful ceremony.  Another several minutes go by in this dreadful heat when I see one of several flags waving.  I concentrate to better see this flag holder and I finally realize that it is my cousin.  Next to him, in just another line of several men and women, I see a man fall down.  The general continues with his commencement speech.  I see another body go down.  Then another.  Lined up like toy soldiers and dropping.  They had been standing so long without hydrating that several new recruits fell forward, one at a time.  Eventually these fallen soldiers will rise again or someone helps them up and gets them into the nice cool air conditioning.  Soldiers or not, it’s hot outside.  And standing in a long line, in the heat and having to remain very still is not helping.  Finally, the speeches are over and we blessedly arrive at an air conditioned building to eat cake.