It’s gotten far too hot in here

I really like to try new things in life. I have tried out some new hobbies. I have tried painting, making ships in bottles and also attempting knitting. My newest hobby is that I am trying pottery. I did not realize how involved pottery is. I needed to buy clan, the potter’s wheel and then I realized I needed to buy a kiln. A kiln is super expensive, it is about as much as my gas heater. I decided that since I am single, live alone and I have no kids, I can afford the expense. I got all of the supplies and was ready to try out pottery. I realized very quickly that I hated it. I was terrible and I wanted to give up on it. The problem was I already have so much money into all of the materials. I really want to use all the materials up and then I will try to sell the kiln. The problem is the room my clay and kiln are in is small. The kiln is essentially a heater for the room. I get so overheated while I make pottery that I am even more miserable. I have tried fans and window A/C to make it cooler. I has not helped that I am thinking of getting a cooling system. Maybe I will get a ductless mini split air conditioner for the room. I can use it during my pottery phase and then simply move the ductless cooling unit when I am done. That way I am not spending money on A/C that I will never use again.

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