Good HVAC technician for the repair

My wife and I invited my aged school roommate out to brunch, and it was a special opportunity because he and his wife were celebrating their 10 year birthday birthday.  We wanted a way to celebrate a special day for them, so we made reservations at their favorite diner and we chose to go to the theater before brunch. The theater was amazing and the show was the perfect mix of a heartfelt and funny plot.  My friends and his wife didn’t recognize we would be able to get a reservation however they didn’t guess we planned this weeks in advance. We started with wine and a very appealing appetizer, however realized quickly that the a/c was altogether too chilly to be comfortable.  My wife was actually right under the air vent and the temperature control setting was turned up so high that her hair was blowing in the chilly breeze. I gestured over to the waiter to ask that it be turned down, and he went back to the study room to see what the problem was.  In the meantime, I offered my wife my jacket and we tried to eat our food and enjoy the business around us. The air vent continued to blow chilly air at a rapid pace until half way through our main course. It finally began to even out the temperature and the Heating and Air Conditioning program seemed to be correcting itself.  I don’t understand what the problem was, however I guess the best Heating and Air Conditioning business in the county lives in this town, so if anyone could repair the temperature control issue in the fanciest diner in the city, it’s him! I’m cheerful the chilly breeze was dampened by dessert and I was able to wear my jacket by the end of the meal.

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