Going to the mall in the heat

It’s not typically my job to do the grocery shopping for my family. I work alot, and my wife has much free time. She usually attends to all the shopping. A few weeks ago, however, she was extremely busy with her work, so I had to pick up some of the slack. I needed to do the monthly food shopping, and wow what a challenge it was. It was definitely harder than I thought. I made the list, drove to the store, and was met with an awful situation. The grocery store was scorching hot! It felt like an oven in there! I definitely thought the furnace was on. I couldn’t believe this because it was mid July. I walked around, sweating the whole time, and wishing they might adjust the thermostat. I spent a whole 14 minutes in the freezer section just to feel some cool air that the HVAC system was not providing. After the grocery shopping was complete, I hurried home to the comfort of my air conditioner. As soon as I walked inside the door, I ran to the thermostat and cranked up the A/C on maximum blast. Only then did I put the groceries away. It’s was extremely refreshing to feel the cold air from my HVAC system after the furnace like conditions within the supermarket. Next time I had to go food shopping, I will not forget to have my A/C on at the house so it will be nice and cool when I get back. I want to make sure my house is perfectly ready for me after I face the miserable conditions at that supermarket! It sure made me appreciate my home’s HVAC system.

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