What is going on with the climate control

My neighbor works in the HVAC industry. I guess he has been making a decent living by repairing heating, ventilation, and A/C units for several years now. I am grateful that he has this HVAC knowledge because my family has had a lot of heating, ventilation, and A/C concerns over the years. I believe I have an Heating and A/C professional to help them, who will make sure their Heating and A/C unit is properly repaired, without charging them an arm and a leg; My sister recently had a concern with her thermostat. She was trying not to bother myself and others or my HVAC buddy, she asked her neighborhood Heating and A/C company to stop by and evaluate her problem. She called me up to talk over the estimate that the HVAC company provided her to update and install the new thermostat. I about fell out of my chair when she told me the actual cost and I ended up asking my HVAC friend to provide her an additional estimate. Upon arrival, my HVAC friend first tried to restore her original thermostat, and when the thermostat refused to reset, he went back to his truck and grabbed another thermostat. He had the new thermostat installed, programmed, and now working properly in less than thirty minutes. It cost her thirty dollars total for the new thermostat and my friend refused to take my sibling’s money for a labor charge. He noticed how overcharged she was from the other HVAC worker and felt sorry for her. He also made her promise to never call anyone other than him for HVAC help again.HVAC repair