Getting the best air filter

My younger sibling Adam has consistently had a hard time with dust irritations… He is allergic to pet dander, in addition to being around both pets in addition to cats makes his nose stuffy in addition to makes it difficult for him to breathe, but when he forgets to take his flu symptom medication, he is quite miserable because my parents have more than one pets in addition to a cat. He went off to college recently, in addition to he reported feeling so much better in the absence of pets in addition to cats in the dorm that he stopped taking his flu symptom medicine completely! When he came home to visit for Christmas, though, his dust irritations came back with a vengeance. I felt genuinely disappointing for him. Part of the reason why my parents’ home is so disappointing is that they do not use high quality air filters, but my Dad cleans the home often, however with subpar air filters, the air that the air conditioner in addition to heating circulates through the home is not free of any dust in addition to allergens, however no matter how hard we try to keep the critters off the couches, they still shed somewhere, in addition to exhausting Adam to the point that he cannot breathe, however the next time that Adam comes for a visit, I am going to take it upon myself to drop by a home improvement store in addition to buying the highest quality air filter I can find. Then, I will help my Dad clean, in addition to both of us will keep the critters outside for a few days before he comes so that the air conditioner can keep the good, clean air circulating in the house. I hope that the current air filter will help my sibling’s dust irritations.

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