My get together ruined by a/c

Thanksgiving is suppose to be a nice fantastic time where you get to spend quality time if your friends and family.  Well, this Thanksgiving was a little out of the ordinary.  As soon as my partner and I arrived, we could tell that it was going to be a very different holiday.  Everyone was freaking out because as soon as they started cooking, the apartment started to get absolutely warm, much warmer than normal, and the air conditioning wasn’t kicking on to counteract the heat coming from all the food cooking in the oven and on the stove.  I really didn’t recognize what was the matter, but was asked to go over and fuss with the temperature control to see if I could figure anything out.  I went to the temperature control, and it showed that it was 85 degrees inside! The A/C was set to a cool 74 degrees, which was clearly not actually working, and i tried to turn the temperature control on and off again, then to heat, then back to A/C, however nothing seemed to be actually working.  The Heating and Air Conditioning device just wasn’t turning on! We called our local Heating and Air Conditioning service and they said they would send someone out instantly.  The Heating and Air Conditioning repairman arrived within the hour and went right to work checking all of the air ducts, the temperature control, and lastly the air filters.  Apparently, someone had forgotten to change the main air filters in the lower level of the apartment for quite some time.  They were so blocked that no air was able to get through them at all! This caused the Heating and Air Conditioning device to turn off. Luckily, he had brought some extra air filters that fit right in; Then, he went to the temperature control, turned it on and most people were back to normal in just a few minutes! Thank goodness for hard working Heating and Air Conditioning dealers!

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