Gave neighbor a ride

At the ripe old age of 27, I am so tired of humans. It’s not enough that everyone is totally self-absorbed and convinced that they’re too special to follow societal rules, but beyond that, they are so conniving, distrustful, and ungrateful. I’m sick and tired of people taking advantage of me and the inconsiderate attitudes I can expect to receive in return. Just the other day, I went so far out of my way to help a neighbor I hardly knew, only for them to exploit the situation and insult me every single step of the way. It all started when I went out to get the paper in the morning. My neighbor called me over and said that their HVAC unit had quit in the night. He asked if he could use my phone to call a professional HVAC service because somehow his internet was also out of commission. I allowed him to use my phone for about an hour, at which point I really needed to get myself to work. When I asked for my telephone back, he started asking instead for a ride to the grocery store so he could buy firewood. He said it was the only way he and his son could keep warm until the HVAC dealer came out, so off we went. I told work I would be late, and we drove to the neighborhood store where he abruptly needed to borrow $15 to buy the fireplace fuel we came for. And wouldn’t you know that the entire way he complained about my car’s temperature settings?

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