Furnace to heated floors

My dear grandmother always complained about being cold. She dressed in warm sweaters and fuzzy socks pretty much year round. She always wore fuzzy slippers in her home, and still grumbled that her feet were cold. She had an air conditioner that she never used, and a forced furnace that she ran always. Every time I visited, she would continually bump up the setting on the thermostat. Her house felt as hot as an oven, and the air is horribly dry and stuffy. I’m confident her heating bills were costly. About three years ago, her furnace needed to be entirely replaced. Not only was the furnace completely maxed and outdated, but the full duct system was corroded and leaked. The HVAC contractor encouraged that she start over completely. He said that repairing the ductwork would cost similar to replacing it, and the furnace was no longer safe for her to operate. I suggested that she considered some different choices for heating, other than some forced air furnace. After a great deal of long discussions with the HVAC building contractor, consulting with neighbors, and homework online, my grandma decided that she wanted to get hydronic heating. She now has a new compact boiler installed in the basement, and radiant heated floor surfaces. Since installing the hydronic system, her house is more comfortable. She sets her thermostat significantly lower, and she never has to bundle up in multiple knit tops and slippers. She’s not only saving cash on her energy bills, but this lady has improved indoor air quality. I understand that the new heating system was a hefty investment, but my grandma says that it was well worth it.

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