Frigid AC in jail

My brother in law works as a guard in the local county jail. It gives him fantastic job security. After all, America has the largest criminal population in the whole world. He enjoys his job most of the time, but it can become increasingly aggravating every so often. His pay is really good, so he puts up with the nonsense. Apart from the occasional fight, he has to endure crazy temperatures. They tend to put the air conditioner on really high consistently. They do this all year-round. The reason they keep the air conditioner so high mostly is to kill germs in the facility. The high level of the air conditioner also serves to keep people from coming back. When people get arrested, they are usually thrown in a holding cell with metal bunks, metal toilets, and even just metal floors. The frigid air conditioner causes those surfaces to become extra cold, and makes the jail just like a big freezer. Nobody wants to come back to jail after experiencing that blasting air conditioner, especially in the midst of the winter. The only relief my brother in law gets during a work shift is in the break room. The breakroom may be the only place they turn the furnace on. This was a recent innovation too. The jail warden had a zone control heating and cooling system installed for the comfort of the workers. After all, they had a really difficult job and deserved some HVAC system comfort while on the clock. My brother in law was very happy about this change!

HVAC workman