Fried Like a Flounder – Need A/C

When I am on vacation, my favorite thing to do is go out to eat seafood. There’s nothing like fresh seafood, especially if you like to try new things like the Catch of the Day! My friend Mel and I went to dinner at a quaint little seafood restaurant right next to the pier at the beach last weekend when I was visiting her house on the southern coast. I, of course, ordered the special, which turned out to be deviled crab and fried flounder. Served with a side of southern coleslaw and some hushpuppies, it was absolutely delicious! As a matter of fact, the only problem that we had with the little restaurant was the temperature of the dining room. The way they had the place set up was interesting. They had all the tables under a covered porch with only screens as the walls. I think under normal circumstances, the sea breeze would have offered plenty of ventilation to the diners, but last weekend was unseasonably warm. There was no breeze at all, and the only air ventilation we received was from some pitifully limp looking, slow turning ceiling fans on the porch. I wondered why they had not turned on the air conditioning, and I even glanced around to see if I could find the thermostat to see what the interior temperature was. By the time my fried flounder came out, I felt like a fried flounder myself. It actually got so warm in the dining area that I started to wonder if the management had accidentally turned the furnace on, even though it was 80 degrees outside. Even though my Catch of the Day tasted great, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and back into the nice cool air conditioning in my car!  

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