Friday Morning and HVAC

I was so happy that it was finally friday morning! It had been a very rough week filled with panic attacks, hospital visits, and other stress related instances. I was really looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxation. We also just adopted a new kitten for therapeutic purposes.  I love animals, and a new kitten would definitely help my stress levels. I also just had my heating and cooling system completely revamped, so that was a huge stress reliever. My heating and cooling system had been giving me major problems for months, and it felt really good to finally nip the issue in the proverbial bud. I had been spending countless money on heating and cooling system repairs, and it seemed to never end. I think  I spent about 5 thousand dollars on heating and cooling system repairs in the past year alone! Finally, I just decided to completely reconstruct my heating and cooling system from the ground up. I got a whole brand new set of ductwork installed, and I even got a brand new furnace and cooling system. I even opted for a smart thermostat. I spent about 10000 dollars on all of these new heating and cooling system installations, but I knew it would be worth it in the long run. I probably would have spent at least that much in heating and cooling system repairs over the next year anyway! I was having such a stress free time now. It was all thanks to my brand new heating and cooling system, and also my brand new cute kitten!

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