Fresh indoor air conditions with a heat pump

When my husband, George and I were making plans to build a home, we debated over just about everything be mostly what type of heating/cooling plan would be best.  Since my husband suffers from constant allergy symptoms, we were looking for a clean and healthy option. While forced air systems are the most popular means of temperature control, this type of system introduces a vast amount of contaminants into the air you breathe. We considered hydronic heating as an alternative, but a boiler plan does not provide any option for cooling.  After a whole bunch of research and many debates, we decided on an electric heat pump. A heat pump provides heating and cooling into a single unit. With a touch of a button, the heat pump can reverse operation and quickly heat up or cool down the space. Because the heat pump only moves heat from one place to another, there is no flame and no influx of contaminants. The heat pump features a multi-phase filtration plan that helps to trap airborne pollutants.  The system does not overly dry the air while I was in heating mode, but it effectively handles excess moisture, which reduces problems with mold and mildew. It is a quiet, energy efficient and a very clean way to have perfect temperature control. Although the purchase price and upgrade costs of an electric heat pump are quite high, we felt that it was worth it. We have now had the heat pump for a little over 5 years, and both of us are totally thrilled with it.  The plan requires very little upkeep, and it has been totally reliable. The lower utility bills have helped to get back the initial investment.

electric heat pump