We’re fortunate that we have such a nice heater

After having a distant family member move in with us, we suddenly lived in a house that was brimming with chaos. Through the foreseeable future, there really wasn’t one square inch of our home that wasn’t going to be in regular use. We had talked in the past about closing in the garage to offer extra room, and this put those discussions back into the spotlight. Since we have a separate garage in the back of our property, it just made sense to use the attached garage for additional space, and allowing us to keep our sanity to boot. We love our family, but close quarters tend to make daily living a real nightmare. We elicited the knowledge of a friend who is a contractor and sketched out certain basic ideas. The nice thing about enclosing a garage, is that walls and foundation are already there, so it’s not like beginning from scratch. The last detail with which we had to figure out was the HVAC system. There was an attic above the garage for ductwork, but the unit we have wouldn’t have been enough to cool and heat the extra room. The choices were to find a larger HVAC unit, or to heat and cool the excess room separately with small heating pump system. Financially, it was less expensive to have the ductless heat pump system, but additionally less expensive over time as these little units are really quite efficient. After this decision had been made, and more ductwork was not required, we removed part of the attic and had the ability to put in a small loft for an extra bedroom. The ductless heat pump was a great investment and costs very little to run and almost nothing for routine upkeep. The extra space has made a quite a difference in our comfort too!

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