Forced air cooling system

My baby brother graduated from high school a few weeks ago, however he was happy to finally be out of our parents dwelling. I made sure to help him look for an apartment, so that he could find something that was within his budget. Since my brother was only working a inferior job, it was difficult for him to be able to afford much without having a roommate, but when both of us finally found an affordable place, it did not come with a central heating or cooling component. It was an outdated run-down place plus I tried to convince my brother not to sign the lease, even though the place was actually affordable. It seemed as though it was missing a lot of substantial amenities, however my brother did not seem particularly worried that it did not have a central heating or cooling component. I understand that it might not be so terrible during the Winter, because it never gets particularly chilly here, however the Summertime would be a difficult situation. The average temperatures are usually in the mid 90s. It would be particularly difficult to be comfortable without the aid of a reliable cooling component. My brother was ready to sign the lease, plus did not seem bothered about my worries. The very first time that the Summer temperatures rose up to the 90s, my brother was at my household asking to spend the night. It was pretty much impossible for him to sleep in the property without any Central cooling component. I told him that he might need to invest in a portable AC system for the place in order to be able to sleep in the evenings.

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