Fixing our heater

In my opinion, February is the best month of the year. The snow is beautiful, the cold weather feels nice, and I usually take a vacation. The only time I haven’t enjoyed February was a few years ago when my heating system stopped functioning during the middle of the month. There was around 6 inches of snow on the ground during this event, so I started to worry. I called a Heating and A/C company only to find that she was so booked up that she wouldn’t be able to get to my house for about 4 days. I had no plan for what I was going to do because it was chilly, and I did not think that I would be able to relax in my house. I ended up buying a small electric heating system to keep in my home office so that I did not freeze during the day. It kept me from being really uncomfortable, but it was still not as efficient as my Heating and A/C unit. So, I was unable to relax in my own house until the Heating and A/C company was able to come out and repair my heater! From then on, I promised to have a routine service inspection done before the cold temperatures began to set in. Now, I am able to locate any problems before the cold temperatures are too chilly and I would be bothered if my heating system where to go out. This was a tough lesson to learn. Now that I have a strict routine and know how to maintain my Heating and A/C unit, I am back to enjoying my February’s again. Wow, this genuinely is the most beautiful time of the year.