Fixing up the HVAC system

My office is in a brand new building in an older part of the town. The building is super hi-tech but it is stymied by the antiquated sewer lines, water lines, and electrical cables of an older area. This had not been an issue until last week. It was like a perfect storm of power difficulties. The air conditioner went out. The plumbing failed. The cable went out. The electricity turned off. It was a mess. What exactly is the point in having an increased tech, state of the art building if everything hinges on ancient sources? The last couple of days have been chaotic. Repairmen, techs, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC system technicians were all sent from the city and have been swarming the building like worker ants. Just about all trying desperately to bring everything to code and fix our many issues. To be honest, I have no problem with any of it provided the plumbing and HVAC will work. There are ways to keep the business all going fairly smoothly without cable along with landline phones, but not without plumbing and climate control. Of course the HVAC system needs the electricity to work so that it can perform. Needless to say, we all have to operate from our respective homes until the office issues are completely resolved. It makes our jobs considerably harder to work remotely but that is certainly much easier than sweating our butts off in a building without working restrooms and any air conditioning to cool down, not to mention air conditioning to cool our computer equipment down.

HVAC service