The fireplace is not working

I don’t get what it is with most college students these days, but they are rather insecure and almost desperate to prove their worth through lofty financial goals. Everything is about appearances. Plus they have no concern running up a big credit card bill if it means they can have the newest, fanciest items on the market. And this was the case last weekend when both of us met new acquaintances at a get-together. Suddenly we realized these students were a little off kilter. First of all, they continually talked about getting exclusive designer threads, which we couldn’t be less interested in. And secondly, when we arrived back at their condo, they had the most unnecessary HVAC component you could possibly imagine. To put this tale into context, we were in Florida where the temperature was regularly in the 70s every day, so most people own an air conditioner but no heating system. It’s quite necessary to have a modern, powerful central cooling system to combat the heat plus humidity of the tropical climate, so no one is thrown for a loop if you purchase a state-of-the-art AC unit. These people, on the other hand, went to great lengths to have a wood burning fireplace installed in their condo. They finished the entire renovation project to build a brick fireplace plus a chimney, and then would gloat about it incessantly to their guests. Tell me, if you can, when they will ever need to operate this heating unit? I can’t imagine they will ever go through the motions of buying wood and lighting up a roaring fire, but I suppose they can use it to take decent Instagram photos.