Filters fixing my home

My wife decided to tackle a new cause recently. She is a critter lover, so she decided to foster baby kittens that had been left alone by the mother. It was her job to make sure they ate their special food, and reached a certain weight before they could go back to the shelter for adoption. I assumed this was a good idea, but my dander irritations didn’t. We currently own a brand new HVAC system, so I didn’t think my irritations would be too much of a bother. I was very wrong. After a few weeks, the pet dander would gather in the ductwork, and fill the air filter with nasty allergens. This caused the air quality to get very bad in our home. I could almost “see” the dander floating in the air. One day, I decided I had enough. I drove over to the local HVAC supplier to speak with our personal HVAC professional. Thankfully she was in the office, so I was able to seek her advice right away. The HVAC professional suggested a new air filter. Even though I had changed out our air filter recently, they make special ones that are more effective at keeping allergens out of the air. This type of air filter will improve the air quality significantly, she assured me. The HVAC supplier also kept a generous supply of this type of air filter, especially during this time of year. It was pollen season, so a lot of people bought this air filter to improve their air quality. I bought the air filter and went apartment to install it. As the day continued, the air quality improved almost instantly!

HVAC filter