I feel way too hot

My grandpa has always been the hardest worker I know. He has instilled a work ethic in me that is completely unmatched. I noticed his work ethic as a child and I was completely mesmerized and admired him greatly. He was always trying to make his house better and more comfortable for my grandma. His attentiveness to her needs and desire to make their house the best place possible always struck me as compassionate. Over the years, I have heard my grandma mention certain issues in passing. Then, almost immediately, those issues get fixed. If she said that the bushes needed trimming, he would trim them the day of. If she said that the fridge seemed old, he would replace within a week. If she did not like the lighting in a room, he would change the lightbulbs then and there. One time, my grandma said she wished that they had a more functional thermostat in their house. The very next day, my grandpa was uninstalling their old thermostat and putting in a new thermostat. Their new thermostat was to be controlled by remote, so my grandma did not even have to get up to change the thermostat if she wanted to change the temperature. She loved being able to change the temperature of the thermostat just sitting in her chair. She could switch on the furnace or blast the A/C right from her chair. It was truly a luxury to her. My grandpa was so proud to provide my grandma with the comfort she desired. That’s true love and a moan that knows how to show it.heating-and-air