What a fantastic air conditioner

We would like to get ourselves one of those new ductless mini split air conditioners to service the home. We’ve had the same ancient HVAC system for as long as we have been born, and we’ve known it was on its way out eventually. We’ve been doing our best to save up cash in the  meanwhile, so we can eventually afford the ductless mini split system. We’re finally within a good financial place, where we believe we won’t break the bank to have one installed! Once we decided that we were serious about maintaining our cooling system through zone control, rather than the normal central AC units, we knew that we were in for a big investment. Some of these systems that are readily available are priced well into the tons of dollars. However most times, that also excludes the installation fee. When we visited our major hardware chain and conversed with them about their ductless micro split systems, they were positive that we’d really need a dedicated professional to install it. This is not something the family could figure out. They estimated that the zone controlled system was going to cost about twenty five hundred dollars to install, depending on the relevant company. However, if we decided to enlist their company to place the order, they would give a discounted installation rate. We had been ignorant to how expensive this installation would be, we never guessed it would be almost double what we’d be contributing for the actual system! However, they were ready to comfort us that they only hired the most highly trained HVAC professionals, and they always have certifications in completing this particular job. We wanted our ductless minuscule split system to be operating before the first day of summer, so we went ahead and paid them for installation that day!

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