Everyone was full of cheer that year

When we picked up a Christmas tree this year for Christmas, we picked a really tall one! It was a real tree and it smelled so nice. When we had the Christmas tree set up, the top of it almost touched the ceiling! It was crazy but it was still great. We decorated the tree with so many glass ornaments that many of the branches were leaning downwards. When we put the star on the top, it was pretty much touching the ceiling. It still looked wonderful though and the kids loved helping decorate it. The one thing I really was thankful for was our excellent furnace. We had just had the furnace tuned up in the fall before the winter arrived. That furnace was certainly working very well and it was great having peace of mind knowing that it wouldn’t fail us. I was always very happy with our HVAC company that we use. We actually have an HVAC maintenance plan with them so they come out for tuneups in the Fall as well as the Spring. With this wonderful Christmas tree and all the many decorations, I was really in the Christmas spirit. I was giving to charity whenever I could, and complimenting all sorts of people. I wanted everyone to feel as great as I did. I bought all kinds of nice presents for the kids and the family. It was all going to be wonderful on Christmas day! It was great even just driving around seeing all the wonderful Christmas decorations. It seemed that everyone was full of cheer that year.

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