Even great HVAC systems break

When I got my first apartment, I absolutely loved it. It was everything I wanted, and it was cheap. I had three bedrooms, two baths, and a HVAC system that gave me fantastic air conditioning. The day I moved in, it was mid-summer and it was so wonderfully cool inside that I didn’t want to leave. For the next three months, I sat in my apartment, reading books, or playing on my computer, when I wasn’t working. I was in between relationships, and I was loving it. When summer left and winter came along, the heating system took over, and I knew I was in the right place. One night, a couple of friends came over, and we decided to toast to the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving was in less than a week, and we were all looking forward to Christmas. Since we had been drinking, they took over the spare rooms and spent the night. I could hear the HVAC starting up and I knew it was getting really cold outside. When we got up in the morning, my girlfriends were ready to leave early because they said it was getting too cold for them, so I went with them, and we all went Christmas shopping. I couldn’t believe the mess I walked into when I got home. The furnace had quit running, the pipes had burst, and I had icicles hanging from my ceiling. I was bragging about my great HVAC system, and now I had to bunk with one of my friends until the great HVAC system was repaired, and my apartment was repaired.

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