Energy saving tips

I love having greenery all over my place, and whether it’s in the living room or on my patio, I take fantastic pride in my decorative lifestyle. The only thing that I don’t love, however, is my cooling unit killing my houseplants. The issue here is that my cabin plants need heat plus humidity to thrive, and I believe it’s my cooling system that’s removing both from my home. Growing up, my mother also had a lot of plants around the house, but none of hers ever died. Thus, I decided to do some research and find ways to combat this issue to ensure that my A/C and plants could coexist peacefully. I have found that moving all of my plants away from the air vents is a wonderful thing to do because while the cool air circulation feels fantastic in my home, the chilly blasts from the air vents harm my plants by freezing their cells, thus blocking the natural pathway for the water I feed them. In a nutshell, chilly temperatures cause plants to starve. I will often find that my plants fade and wilt much faster during the summertime, so I will be making sure to set my cooling system at a lower temperature. Also, for my smaller, skinnier plants, I have made sure to protect them inside of terrariums. I thought this was a cute and fantastic system to keep them safe. The only other thing I do, which is really the most significant of all, is making sure I understand the conditions of each old and new plant so they are able to bloom and thrive well.

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