Energy saving cooling tips

I guess you can say that I have had my share of cars since I first got a drivers license when I was 17.  I use to have what I deemed as “bad car karma” for the first several years of my driving life. It seemed that any car that came near me turned out to be a lemon.  I’d have it for a few months, but BAM, it needed extravagant repairs, parts or the repairs would cost most than the worth of the car. So, I’d end up having to purchase another a cheapo car.  When I finally decided that buying a new car instead of a used a car was the route I needed to take from this point forward, I knew that there was one feature that I wanted, tinted windows. None of the previous cars had tinted windows, which I found that in the summertimes, the inside was getting unbearably hot without them.  With no tint on a car’s windows, the weather conditions control in any car while we were in those drastic temperatures was ridiculously insane to cool. The air conditioner was never frigid enough in the summertime, plus the heating was never warm enough in the bitter winter season! The summertimes were particularly the absolute worst when the car would get well over 120 degrees with any kind air conditioner fighting to keep the temperature sane.  However, after getting our windows tinted everything changed. My car stayed so much cooler when I needed it to, even when it wasn’t running! Finally, I felt had a natural cooling system that was running all the time inside our car. I’d hop in after it had been resting in the hot sun while I was working all day, and the air conditioner was always able to keep me pretty cold for the temperature that I wanted. I’d command tinted windows to anyone looking to keep cool this summer time season feeling.  Your cooling system will thank you profusely as well!