My energy bills aren’t as high as they should be

My office is in my home, so I have invested a large amount of money into my office are. I took a spare bedroom and moved in a padded oak chair, large antique bankers desk, and completed it with a great Bose sound system. In reality, I don’t need much more than my laptop and and internet access to do my, but if I want to be productive,  I need to be in a completely comfortable atmosphere. I’ve realized that when I’m overheated and sweaty, my mind wanders, and if I’m shivering with cold, my body doesn’t work well enough. I’m easily preoccupied by weird sounds or unusual smells, and I can’t concentrate. To make the conditions of my work space more amenable, I updated the HVAC system. I didn’t need to replace my existing furnace or air conditioner, so I simply hired an HVAC professional to upgrade my unit and to add zone control and a new smart thermostat. I now have total control of the temperature and air quality from my computer. This can quite convenient because I no longer need to leave my desk every time I find myself uncomfortably warm or cold. The zone control gives me the ability to make adjustments to my office and not affect the other rooms of the house. I can keep my office at the perfect temperature without putting out energy to heat or cool the empty rooms. This saves a lot of money on my energy budget. With the smart thermostat, I have easy accessibility to the operation of my ventilation. If the office gets too humid, and also smells musty, I simply increase ventilation and my air quality is improved.

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