Electric savings on cooling

This summer my husband wanted a new adventure. He decided that he was tired of boring summer after summer in the lake house. He said that we should have a big adventure doing something there we never did before. So we put him in control of the family savings and vacation arrangement. Nobody asked him any questions about where we were going. That was our first big mistake. The second mistake was following along with his chosen destination to an exotic island overseas. We are small farm family that was way outside of our element!  We had never experienced tropical weather to the stage where air conditioning was a mandatory requirement for our comfort. That said, we stayed at a lovely little cottage with it’s own amenities on the island. It was a unique and wonderful experience that we all embraced until the extreme weather hit the island. My husband was completely unaware of Tsunami period. This explained the lower costs when compared to usual prices, for no one wanted to venture on the island during this season of the year. We could do nothing but wait out the bad storms and hope for good results. We had never seen such rain our whole lives, and we were very grateful to your air conditioning unit as the temperatures climbed and the humidity grew worse each hour. When the power went out, we were very scared at first.  But then we heard a loud bang as well as a hum that followed. Instantly the air conditioning and the lights went back on, and we found that the place had a generator. We never had been so appreciative for a cooling appliance as we were in that moment.

A/C system