Efficient heating technology

I was raised in an apartment where being handy was valued.  Both of my parents believed in trying to do repairs on their own before ever calling in a professional.  It saved us a great deal of money on major repairs. Sporadically this worked, but other times, it was entirely terrible.  My siblings and I followed in their steps. We would watch my parents do repairs and learn all about household repair. When we became old enough, my parents bought us small tool kits.  Whenever our gas furnace would quit working, my dad took his toolkit out and got to work. He refused to call a Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist. Sporadically, the repairs were self-explanatory.  We would have heat within a couple of hours. Other times, it proved to be much more complicated. I remember times when we went multiple days separate from heat. I questioned my parents’ insistence to complete the repairs all by themselves.  We went through this cycle for years until my dad finally made the decision to call a Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier. The worker was entirely shocked to see how far gone our gas furnace was. She told us that she was surprised that it even lasted as long as it did.  This time, my dad had no option but to replace it. He had quite a few possibilities to choose from. We debated between radiant heated floors and a smart temperature control. He ultimately opted to install radiant heated floors. It was a such a major upgrade for us! It efficiently heated our entire apartment and kept us all toasty throughout the frigid winter days.  We were incredibly thankful because we never experienced the agony of a broken gas furnace again after that.

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