Eating out with too much AC

My job is entirely done online.  This allows me the opportunity to choose where I am going to work each morning. My favorite place to work is at a local pizzeria that is only a few miles from my house. They serve the best pizza every morning, and I like working on my laptop while getting to free refills of iced tea. The servers in there are familiar with my preferences.  They  often have my order prepared for me  by the time I sit down at my usual table.  They do a great job of keeping my glass filled with extra ice.  They know that I enjoy chewing on the ice while I work. The consequence of  chewing on ice is that it gets me really cold. The pizzeria manager tends to maintain the a/c at its highest speed, and the low temperatures combined with my ice chewing habit makes for a really chilly work area.  I have considered asking the manager to turn the a/c to low capacity, but it is normally hot and humid  outside. I am sure that most of their patrons would not be too forgiving if the restaurant was hot and sticky when they walked in. Thankfully, my computer quickly heats up  after I run it for a while.  The computer acts almost like a heating pad and I set it on my lap. The big problem is that after  sitting in the chilly restaurant, I step outside into the extreme heat.  It presents quite a shock to my body temperature.  Although I hurry  to get my car’s a/c blowing cool air, I have usually sweated through my clothes before I get home.  

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