Some easy HVAC repairs

I enjoy my job most of the time because I am given a decent amount of freedom. I do not constantly have someone watching me  and telling me what to do. Overall, I am entrusted with a job and do not really have to answer to anyone on a daily basis. I honestly barely even see my bosses and I love it. They are too involved in their own dealings at work to pay any attention to me. On a daily basis I do have to deal with my boss coming into my office at least once. The only reason I see my boss is because she likes to turn the temperature on my thermostat up for some reason. I have my own thermostat in my office, which is really awesome. Often, I stay at work an hour or two past closing to finish up some work. Just after the office closes, though, my boss comes into my room, humming and talking to herself, and turns the temperature on the thermostat up for no apparent reason. I do not want to argue with her because she is my boss, after all, but it really does drive me crazy. I have told her before that I will turn the temperature up before I leave my office, but she still comes in and changes the temperature, apparently believing I am not capable of this. I understand turning up the temperature on the thermostat, therefore turning off the air conditioning, while people are away from the office overnight. However if I am still in it I reserve the right to have A/C. So recently I have been keeping the temperature in my office down lower all day. This counter attack seems to be working and I’m just leaving the office sooner now.

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